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I hope women set the trend in wine consumption

Ravi Viswanathan: Chairman, Grover Zampa Vineyards

What’s the one thing you’d like to change about the Indian (wine) market?

The size – I’d like it to be much bigger! If I could, I’d like to switch China for India.


Who do you think sets drinking trends in India?

I hope it is women! ‘Cause if it is men, then we’ll continue to be a whisky market!!


What is the most overrated drinking fad/ drink in India at the moment?



What’s the next big thing for India?

I hope it’s going to be wine; and that I see that happening in my lifetime. I also hope to live a long life.


What’s the best motivation for your team? 

I think it’s the freedom that they have to innovate, in sales, in marketing, in winemaking and in viticulture.


Which is your favourite liquor brand ad campaign?

The recent GOT (Game of Thrones) campaign by Johnnie Walker for White Walker. It’s a brilliant concept!


Which is your favourite Bar in India and why?

The La Reserve Lounge at Grover Vineyards, in Doddaballapur.


Which of your competitors gives you sleepless nights?

Unfortunately, we have very little competition in the Indian wine market. Three companies control 90% of the production. It’s not healthy to see this level of concentration. A small country like Luxembourg has 400 wineries. It needs to be economically viable for a boutique winery in India to operate.


The one fictional/ historical character you’d like to have a drink with…

I’d loved to have had a glass of Chambertin (Grand Cru vineyard in Gevrey-Chambertin, in Burgundy’s Côte de Nuits) with Napoleon; or a glass of champagne with Dom Perignon.


If you were alone on a deserted island, which drink would you want with you?

La Tache 61, the best wine I’ve ever drunk (La Tâche is a small Grand Cru vineyard in Vosne-Romanée village, in the heart of Burgundy’s Cote de Nuits).

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