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Golden Calcutta nostalgia from Oaksmith

‘Calcutta’ inspires whiskey cocktails

Following the overwhelming response to Oaksmith Gold and Oaksmith International in Maharashtra and Telangana, both variants of Beam Suntory India’s first blended IMFL whiskey are now available in West Bengal.

The blend includes aged Scotch malts with aged Kentucky straight Bourbon from the US, through world class Japanese craftsmanship. This unique blend has been created by Shinji Fukuyo (read his interview in Brews&Spirits of Dec-Jan 2020) master blender of the award-winning Japanese whiskies, Yamazaki and Hibiki.

Oaksmith Gold is priced at Rs. 1,240 and Oaksmith International at Rs. 740 (for 750-ml bottle) in the state of West Bengal.

With the festive season approaching, Beam Suntory is sharing a collection of the finest Oaksmith cocktails inspired by the culture and flavours of Kolkata and favourite spots in the ‘City of Joy’.


Fairlie Place Collins

One part Fairlie Place’s old-world charm, two parts finest Japanese craftsmanship.


Oaksmith Gold 50ml

Gondhoraj lemon juice 20ml

Moori (puffed rice) and Sada Til (white sesame) syrup 30ml

Soda & ice


Build the drink over ice in a tall glass

Garnish with a ‘Til Naru’ on the side

Make  Moori and Sada Til syrup

Cook 100gm of toasted white sesame and puffed rice in 500ml water and 500gm sugar

Simmer for 20 minutes

Serve in a tall Collins glass


Mallik Ghat Sour

Inspired by the aromatic nooks and crannies of Mallik Ghat flower market.


Oaksmith Gold 50ml

Gondhoraj lemon juice 20ml

Parijat syrup 25ml

(Jasmine syrup, Momin and other flavours available)

Egg white half

Angostura bitters


Gondhoraj lemon peel for garnish


Shake all ingredients till frothy

Pour into a Coupe (without ice) or Old Fashioned glass with one cube of ice.



Adda No. 36

Inspired by a special route of the city’s legendary tram, transport yourself to the (g)olden ages of Calcutta through its rustic flavours.


Oaksmith Gold 50ml

Nolen Gur 1 barspoon

Angostura bitters 2 dashes 

Hatkora citrus peel for garnish



Add the Nolen Gur and bitters to a glass, stir till the gur dissolves

Add ice and Oaksmith, stir well for at least a minute

Serve in an Old Fashioned glass

Garnish with Hatkora citrus peel.