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After Rahasya comes Soma-infused Yaksha

After Rahasya comes Soma-infused Yaksha

Goa-based Blisswater Industries, the maker of Rahasya vodka, has introduced Yaksha, a premium whiskey inspired by the fusion of the mystical Soma plant with premium Scotch from the Highlands.

Yaksha is distilled from supreme quality malt and blended with Scotch that is 5 old, in first-fill Bourbon barrels made of American Oak. The whiskey is charcoal-filtered to create a refined texture for that perfect smoky finish.

Yaksha is inspired by the mischievous yet benevolent cosmic and celestial beings from ancient Indian folklore. Soma is considered a mystical elixir that brings immortality and abundance to its patrons. Soma symbolises friendship, fame, ecstasy and affluence.

The whiskey is available in Goa at Rs 1,350 for a 750-ml bottle (42.8% ABV). It will soon be available across Maharashtra, Puducherry, Rajasthan, Karnataka and other Indian states.