More RTD cocktails from O’Be

More RTD cocktails from O’Be

In an attempt to fill the large gaps in the ready-to-drink (RTD) market in India, O’Be Cocktails has launched three bottled classic cocktails in Bengaluru and Goa: Fab Cosmopolitan, Lively LIIT and Zesty Mojito.

These cocktails, each having gone through up to 100 iterations, have been created with top-shelf spirits and ingredients by a specialised team of mixologists and bartenders. Every bottle brings the unique spirit of the drink to the fore, be it in packaging, colour, texture, aroma or balance of the cocktails.

Each cocktail comes in 330-ml bottles with 8% ABV.

Fab Cosmopolitan (Rs 110 in Goa, Rs 170 in Bengaluru): Once considered a ladies’ drink, the Cosmopolitan is a drink with character, for everyone. This cocktail brings together premium vodka, cranberry, triple sec and lime.

Lively Long Island Ice Tea (Rs 140 in Goa, Rs 200 in Bengaluru):  Raising the bar (pun intended) this premium cocktail combines five spirits with a classy, balanced finish. Crafted with vodka, white rum, gin, 100% agave, triple sec and cola, a bottle of this is sure to get you onto the dance floor.

Zesty Mojito (Rs 110 in Goa, Rs 170 in Bengaluru): A drink you can never go wrong with if made well, and with O’Be that is a given. White rum, mint and lime come together in this zesty, flavourful drink.