Wild Drum seltzer for the ‘mindful’

Wild Drum seltzer for the ‘mindful’

Hard seltzer is the fastest growing alcohol drink category globally. Indore-based Wild Drum Beverages is focussed on addressing the community of health-conscious youth, who want to have a good time, but are also selective about what they consume.

The introduction of Wild Drum, a new range of hard seltzer that is vegan, gluten-free, zero-fat and has no preservatives, rides on the wave of one of the most popular global beverage trends of 2021.

Specially formulated to be the lowest calorie alcohol beverage on the market, Wild Drum contains just 99 calories per serving, making it an extremely attractive options for health-conscious weight-watchers.

This fizzy refresher currently retails in three delectable flavours: Pure, Mango and Lemon-Mint. It is available in Maharashtra, Goa and Madhya Pradesh, in two differing strengths: 4.75% ABV and 8% ABV. It will be launched in Delhi, Karnataka and the rest of India next year.

The brand’s marketing strategy addresses an audience that oscillates on a spectrum of good times that ranges from relaxed and uber chill to that of extremely uninhibited and wild.