Moët Hennessy curates mixers with Svami

Moët Hennessy curates mixers with Svami

Svami, a home-grown brand known for introducing the first craft tonics made in India, has launched an exclusive range of non-alcoholic mixers for three of Moet Hennessy’s spirit brands.

These bespoke mixers have been specially crafted to be paired with Belvedere vodka, Glenmorangie single malt whisky and Hennessy Cognac, building on the ever-evolving taste profile of the unique Indian consumer.

With consumer behaviour and consumption patterns rapidly shifting – given the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the evolution of a new channel –consumers are looking to elevate their at-home drinking experience with simple solutions.

Designed and inspired by India and its indigenous flavours – pomelo ‘chakotra’ (Belvedere); tangerines santra (Glenmorangie); ginger ‘adrak’, cinnamon ‘daalcheeni ’ and hint of black peppers ‘kaali-mirch’ (Hennessy) – the curated mixers pair perfectly with each spirit, while allowing the distinct character of each brand to shine through.

Belvedere vodka is given a twist by complementing the savoury notes of with a unique citrus, Pomelo. To reflect the brand ethos further, the mixer is a zero-sugar product and has less than 1 calorie per 100 ml.

With Glenmorangie The Original, there is play on the signature aromas of the whisky while creating a bright and citrus-forward highball using tangerines.

When crafting the ideal mixer for Hennessy Very Special, a layer of new dimensions has been added with real cinnamon, black pepper, and lime.

The innovative flavours crafted collaboratively between Moët Hennessy India and Svami are exclusive to this partnership. With all-natural flavouring that are based on ‘glocal’ indigenous ingredients, these mixers will not only add a new dimension to your favourite drink but also provide a perfect balance.