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Growlers on the prowl!

Beer growlers on the prowl!

Did you ever wonder how the name ‘growler’ for beer containers came about? One theory is that in the 19th century, two-quart galvanised pails were used to transport beer between the local pub and home. As the beer sloshed and CO2 was agitated, a “growling” sound could be heard as gas escaped around the lid!

One of the few ‘positive’ spin-offs of the Covid-19 pandemic is that some governments have stopped dragging their feet and allowed micro-breweries and pubs to sell their stocks to thirsty customers right at their doorstep!

Radical changes are on the cards, and it is generally expected that micro-breweries and pubs will soon be allowed to set up their own “growler stations” where one can go and ‘tank up’ as and when one feels like it!

Beer lovers will need new ways to transport their precious liquid to and from destination breweries, or from select outlet or ‘growler stations’. The growler is by far the best solution for your beer storage and transportation needs.

Geist leads

Growlers are containers (air-tight jugs made of glass, ceramic or stainless steel) used to transport and store beer that is typically purchased from a retail store, restaurant, brew-pub or brewery and poured from a keg through a tap system.

They afford the drinker the “straight from the tap” experience that can be taken on the go, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

In May this year, the Karnataka government brought some cheer to brewery owners by allowing micro-breweries to sell beer in takeaway growlers. Bengaluru-based Geist was quick to get off the block and recently started the sale of its craft beer in growlers at select outlets.

While Geist awaits a factory outlet license, it has been permitted to enable license holders in Bengaluru to sell fresh Geist craft beer in its growlers to their customers. The growlers are filled directly at the Geist Brewery using their state-of-the-art growler filler, and are sent to their partner outlets in their refrigerated trucks.

Four variants are currently available: Witty Wit, Uncle Dunkel, James Blond and Kamacitra. The recommended shelf-life of an unopened Geist growler is 7 days.

A refundable deposit of Rs. 500 will be charged for the 2- litre swing-top glass growler. Customers can return the growler and claim the deposit from any of the bars that are stocking them.

Now KegWerks

If hiring a growler isn’t your thing, then a personalised, logo-bearing growler from KegWerks will work for you! The Chennai-based manufacturer is perfectly placed to supply your need for growlers and, as a customer, you are spoilt for choice.

An array of growlers and associated products will ensure your customers can carry home your brew in style and guzzle beer that is comparable to what you swig at a pub or micro-brewery!

Available in 1, 2, 4, 5 and 10-litre capacities, the growlers are made of durable, high-grade stainless steel — the same material used in commercial beer kegs – which are integrated with easy-to-grip handles. Double-wall, vacuum insulated 4-litre growlers are also available.

The indestructible beer growler keg has a ‘no-leak’ cap that seals in CO2 and seals out air to preserve the flavours, aromas and unique characteristics of the beer and is light enough to carry anywhere. The removable threaded lid makes it easy to fill and clean.

In addition, different tapping systems are available to dispense and maintain carbonation and accessories like ball lock disconnects. Optional add-ons include party tap with beer line, party tap, mini Co2 regulator, Co2 cartridges and double ball lock spear that will help you set up your “beer station” in the comfort of your home.

Pricing of the growlers starts from Rs.990 and custom laser logo options are also available. Warranty covers manufacturer defects in either workmanship or materials for 2 years from the time of purchase (