Coffee break, anyone?

Coffee break, anyone?

Created with a vision to simplify craft coffee, The Simple Brew is the brainchild of a coffee enthusiast during the pandemic in early 2020. The brand offers a fresh, concentrate brew using an in-house blend, made using a variety of beans, sourced directly from local plantations and roasters.

The Simple Brew concentrate is brewed using only 100% Arabica beans, which are grounded to perfection and then meticulously steeped slowly to develop rich flavours with low acidity.

The brand makes sure the brew tastes exactly how it is intended to be by using a unique water technique that is de-mineralised and then re-mineralised to get perfect pH and TDS balance.

Prepared with no preservatives or sugar, the brand ensures that the coffee remains vegan and authentically pure. The coffee is crafted by hand, each batch is measured under 50 litres, available as a single and double brew.

The resulting coffee concentrate can be used to make hot or cold coffees, cocktails, desserts and everything in between. The concentrate has an intense but smooth flavour that mixes well with cocktails too. The Simple Brew offers coffee, but better.