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Coming soon: Macallan’s 81YO The Reach

Coming soon: Macallan’s 81YO The Reach

The Macallan recently unveiled The Reach, an incomparable single malt whisky that reflects an extraordinary moment in time and exemplifies the enduring spirit that has been at the heart of the Highland brand for almost 200 years.

It was crafted and laid to rest in the beginning of World War II, before The Macallan was compelled to close its doors for the first time in its history.

A rare single malt at 81YO, The Reach is the oldest whisky ever released by The Macallan, crafted from a single, sherry seasoned oak cask. The dark, precious whisky is encased in an exquisite decanter created from mouth-blown, hot glass, cradled on a bronze sculpture of three hands.

The colour is a deep auburn. On the nose it has dark chocolate, sweet cinnamon, aromatic peat, plums, leather, pink grapefruit, red currant jelly and a rich resinous note.

On the palate it has treacle toffee, bramble jam, liquorice, crystalised ginger, nutmeg, charred pineapple and pecans. Its finish is intensely rich, sweet and smoky.

Limited to only 288 decanters worldwide, The Reach (bottled at 41.6% ABV) is on display at The Macallan Estate Boutique and in The Macallan domestic and travel retail boutiques. Each decanter retails for US$ 1,25,000 (€ 1,10,000).

Reflecting its rarity and significance, The Reach is presented in unique packaging brought together by a collective of Scottish artisans. A tale of collaboration and connectivity, the result is a handcrafted quartet of liquid, glass, bronze and wood that is a fitting tribute to this very special whisky. (