Grover Zampa brings cheer to the festival season

Grover Zampa brings cheer to year-end Grover Zampa’s collaboration with Chateau D’ Etroyes has resulted in the La Réserve Chardonnay and La Réserve Pinot Noir.

India’s most awarded wine producer and pioneer of wine-making, Grover Zampa Vineyards, has launched another luscious addition to its La Réserve range to meet the needs of the festive season.

The delightful La Réserve Fumé Blanc, made with Sauvignon Blanc grape variety, is fermented and aged in French oak barrels for 6 months. These barrels give the wine a rich and creamy texture along with the citrusy, herby and mineral aromas and high acidity typical of the grape variety.

The La Réserve Fumé Blanc releases hints of mango and citrus with notes of dry herbs, lime leaf and gooseberry, complemented by complex aromas of vanilla. It has an intense mouth feel that underlies its chalky minerality.

Serve the wine at 8-10°C with roast chicken, grilled fish, pastas or creamy brie and goat cheese. It is priced at Rs. 1,150 in Mumbai; Rs 1,190 in Delhi; Rs. 1,125 in Goa and Rs. 1,225 in Karnataka.

The new Grover Chêne Grande Reserve Chardonnay is a graceful white wine which has been aged for 9 months in French oak barrels. This gives it a rich creamy texture with a toasty flavour and hints of vanilla.

Exhibiting the subtle and elegant aromas of nectarine, hazelnuts, vanilla and crème brûlèe, this delectable wine consists of concentrated flavours of apple, pear and green plums.

It pairs beautifully with steamed or grilled fish, lightly cooked crab, prawns, pasta and risotto with spring vegetables. The texture and smoothness of the wine also pairs well with cream-enhanced soups, mildly-spiced creamy Indian curries with spinach, potatoes, fish and poultry.

This Chardonnay is available at Rs 2,100 in Mumbai, Rs 2,080 in Delhi, Rs 2,200 in Goa and Rs 2,000 in Karnataka.

Grover Zampa has also expanded its premium range of international wines in collaboration with Chateau D’ Etroyes, an estate deeply rooted in the fabric of French winemaking.

Two novel additions, La Réserve Chardonnay and La Réserve Pinot Noir, take pride in a rich lineage with ancestries from the Burgundy region. The wines boast of unique tangs that are sure to appease Indian wine aficionados.

La Réserve Chardonnay has a pale yellow appearance with fragrant notes of fresh peach, melon, tropical fruit and a hint of lemon zest. Aged for 12 months in French oak barrels, the wine (served at 8-10°C) pairs well with salmon and lemon butter, goat cheese, Caesar salad and malai chicken tikka, tandoori crab or lobster and vegetable biryanis.

The La Réserve Pinot Noir is matured for 12 months in French oak barrels, giving out an elegant bouquet of floral, berry fruit with a hint of soft oak notes. It pairs best with baked veal, poultry dishes and mutton kheema, paneer tikka and chicken curries.

The new wines are available at Rs. 2,990 in Mumbai, Rs. 3,150 in Delhi, Rs. 2,850 in Haryana, and Rs. 2,450 in Bengaluru.