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Self-regulate, help yourselves stay afloat

Help yourselves stay afloat

Currently, we look at the restrictions on guest seating and staff strength affecting business, in terms of services offered and product delivery as a positive. As it is, the footfall is lower than 50% currently, so we haven’t really had much any impact. Staff strength has been managed as per requirements and structuring.

All stipulated protocols are being followed strictly: distanced seating, digital menus and payment process, and of course regular cleaning and hygiene protocols, along with temperature and health checks. We carry out regular tests for our teams as well, to ensure no asymptomatic infection goes untraced.

In the initial days, we did a lot of training, up-skilling and interventions with our team with the help of brand ambassadors and trainers. We received overwhelming and very positive support from the beverage industry. Our beverage partners support us in promoting our pre-mixes, as well as activities like trivia nights, and cocktails workshops.

YouTube channel

Brands such as Diageo have come forward with initiatives like #raisethebar and that is very heartening as well.

To facilitate and maintain cash flow we are trying our level best to increase visibility on deliveries and catering. We have also been actively promoting our cocktail workshops. Recently we launched a beverage content channel, on YouTube called ‘Three Barstools’.

We are currently focused on staying afloat, given the high operating cost of our industry. It is tough to predict when we will reach a break-even point as things are really uncertain. This is a longer haul than we thought; and we are hoping that a vaccine will be our saviour.

To overcome the downturn self-regulation is key to the industry. We should just focus on survival for the next 6 months. As they say, ‘This too shall pass’! If anything we have realised that we need to help ourselves. Look for other business avenues, and stay afloat.