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Here’s to a cocktail to your liking!

Here’s to a cocktail to your liking!

Mr Kapil Chopra, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, The Postcard Hotel, and Chairman of The Board, Eazydiner.

Favourite drink: Whiskey Sour.

Favourite bar: The Bar at the Quorum Club in Gurugram, and The Bar at Edition, New York.

Favourite wine & spirit: Barolo and Cognac.

Favourite cocktail: Sidecar.

Best city to drink in: New York… whether is the cocktails or craft beer, it is absolutely amazing. Every single part of the city is distinct from the other part in terms of beverage selection.

Best bottle I’ve been given: A bottle of 100-YO Otard Cognac by the Global CEO of Bacardi for the talk I had with their board.

We need more women behind the bar because: in New York some of the best cocktails I had were made by women bartenders. They are passionate about their craft.

Plastic straws: Are passé.

My favourite bartender: Is someone who will ask questions on the spirit and the flavours one likes and comes up with a unique cocktail, rather than a traditional one. I saw this at Bar Benfiddich in Tokyo. They have no menu and they craft drinks according to the person’s liking.

Whisky is for: A nice evening!

My favourite bar accessory: Cocktail shaker.

Favourite drinking game: I like drinking with friends and having a conversation around the amazing beverages we enjoy.