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Hill Zill brings fruit-flavoured wines

Hill Zill brings fruit-flavoured wines

Hill Zill Wines, known for creating unique alcoholic beverages with fresh fruits from orchards, has unveiled a new premium range of handcrafted fruit-flavoured wines under the brand name ‘Pomona’s.’

Pomona (goddess of fruitful abundance in ancient Roman mythology) comes in a unique combination of classic wine with the richness of natural fruits like strawberry and mango, and the decadence of chocolate.

The subtle taste of ripe mangoes in the wine rekindles the summer feel with every sip. The rosé-coloured strawberry wine walks the imbiber through the luscious strawberry gardens in the monsoons. The very first chocolate-flavoured wine adds a Christmas-like vibe to wine lovers during the winter.

The richness of Pomona’s wines can be enjoyed even in delicious cocktails and sangrias. Bottled at 12% ABV in 750-ml see-through bottles, the Pomona range is currenty available in Maharashtra and Goa.