Hurray for Gin Day!

Hurray for Gin Day!

Gin has become one of the most loved and popular white spirits in recent times. People all over the world have taken up this juniper-laced spirit as their preferred indulgence over other spirits, and for good reason.

Who knew a spirit used for medical purposes would end up being so popular among people of all ages? To top it off, Indians have been experimenting with their own craft gin brands with a variety of botanicals, herbs and production processes.

Not only do they love the classic G&T but with the recent cocktail culture of making cocktails at home, people have been experimenting with tonnes of new recipes such as the Gimlet, El Chapo, Gin Sour and many more.

Did you know that there are actually multiple types of gin available in the market? One is our traditional London Dry gin and then there are others, including the Old Tom and Plymouth gin.

London Dry

This is the most widely known gin in recent times and a majority of gin makers produce this variety. As the name suggests, it originated in England but can be made anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to juniper, citrus and other botanicals.

These gins do not have any artificial sweeteners and that is why it is best had as a G&T with a squeeze of lemon. The Boodles British Dry Gin from England is one of the well-known gins in this category and is one of the smoothest gins ever made.

It has hints of sage, rosemary and nutmeg, to be enjoyed with a range of cocktails such as Martinis, Boodles & Tonic, Bucks and many more.

Old Tom

This gin came into existence around the 18th century and it is characterised by a sweeter taste, unlike the current London Dry. This sweetness is characterised by licorice used as a sweetening agent during distillation; but it doesn't leave a licorice flavour to it.

It is best used in cocktails which are on the sweeter side. The Langley’s Old Tom Gin is one of the well-known gins in this category, with a hint of nutmeg, tangerine and fennel that makes it botanically intense.

Plymouth Gin

This is a type of gin which can be made only in Plymouth, England. Though this gin is similar to London Dry, it is drier and the addition of Orris and Angelica roots gives it an earthier flavour.

Plymouth itself is a gin brand and it is the only one which can make this type of gin. The Plymouth goes well with cocktails like Martinis and Bucks.

There are a few more types like Navy Strength (57% ABV), Sloe Gin (gin liqueur with Sloe berries) and Genever (Dutch gin made from grains and juniper), but the three described above remain the most widely consumed across the world.

On World Gin Day, Monika Enterprise present some fun cocktails with Boodles British Dry and Langley’s Old Tom gin, both of which are are available at wine stores across India, or can be directly ordered by writing to (Instagram - @monikaenterprise).



Gin Sangaree

  • Old Tom gin: 60ml
  • Sugar syrup: 10ml
  • Port wine: 30ml

Shake the gin and the sugar syrup together and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Pour the Port wine on top and wait until it sinks to the bottom, leaving a thin clear layer on top. Garnish with citrus peel.




Maiden’s Blush No.2

  • Boodles gin: 50ml
  • Grapefruit juice: 7.5ml
  • Lemon juice: 15ml
  • Absente: 5ml

Shake all ingredients over ice and strain in a chilled glass of choice. Garnish with a lemon twist.