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Jerry’s cocktails reach New Delhi

Jerry’s cocktails reach New Delhi

Mr. Jerry’s has launched its ready-to-serve cocktails-in-bottles in New Delhi. India’s very first commercially available cocktails range is the brainchild of Arijit Bose, Pankaj Balachandran, Mrinal Manu and Rincy Varghese.

The first edition of the range consists of six intricately mixed cocktails (500-ml bottles) that have something for every palate. They come in 500 ml bottles, which make approximately five drinks each.

Launched in December 2020, Mr. Jerry’s is available in Goa, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Plans are afoot to launch in West Bengal, Pondicherry and Telangana by the end of 2022. The cocktails-in-bottles, from Blue Ocean Beverages, are devoid of added colours, flavours or preservatives.