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Lovers Rum is art by design

Lovers Rum combines styles of five distinctive rums

Award-winning Indian mixologist Arijit Bose and ‘Mr Diaquiri’ David Cordoba have come together to create a new brand that breaks the code of ethic but works within the category guidelines.

Already available in Singapore, Lovers Rum consists of modern elements fused with art and design and comes in a diverse array of blended rum, single rum, single estate, cask strength and natural artisanal liquid.

The blend combines styles of five very distinctive Latin American and Caribbean rums. This liquid starts with a delicate initial taste, combined with an aromatic, fruity and sweet nose; then brings a complex palate of peppery notes, dryness and delicate tannins that seduces.

Roasted walnut, banana, black pepper, tobacco and smoky oak tannins provide a light, bitter finish. Another rum has mild aromas of cola and wood, dark roasted coffee with a hint of chocolate.

A third blend provides all spice, cacao, banana, root beer. The flavours are deep and dark with cashew, cinnamon and vanilla bean. All rums are distilled and bottled in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Lovers Rum now retails for Rs 8,300 for a 750-ml pack in Goa, and will be introduced shortly in Haryana and Mumbai markets. The rum already sells in the Czech Repulic and Russia. The duo will also market it in France, Germany, the UK, Cyprus, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong.