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Making history with Havana Club

Making history with Havana Club

El Presidente

The cocktail was created by Eddie Woelkhe, a bartender at Sevilla Hotel in Havana. He named the drink in honour of General Mario García Menocal. In 1924, he added curaçao to the concoction and dedicated the ‘Presidente Machado’ to the new president, Gerardo Machado, who ruled Cuba throughout most of the Prohibition years.


Havana Club-7 rum: 40ml

Sweet vermouth: 20ml

Triple sec: 10ml

Grenadine syrup: 5ml


Throw (Cuban roll) all ingredients and fine strain in coupette. Garnish with an orange twist.





Havana Cancha is derived from the Canchánchara originating from Trinidad and created in the 19th century by the Mambises. Enjoy this longer refreshing twist on the taste of Cuban history.


Havana Club-7 rum: 50ml

Honey water: 20ml

Fresh lime juice: 20ml

Sparkling water: 50ml


Build, add ice cube and stir lightly. Garnish with a lime wedge.