Mohan Bros launch premium brandy

Mohan Bros launch premium brandy

Renowned distillers, Mohan Brothers, give us all another reason to celebrate the New Year with the launch of Burlingtons V.S.O.P. Reserve French Grape Brandy, bottled at 42.8% ABV.

The process of making Burlingtons is very similar to that of Cognac. The grapes for Burlingtons are 100% locally grown and sourced from the Baramati region in Maharashtra.

Burlingtons leaves a pleasant aroma of vanilla oak, combined with smoky lint, making it highly simulative, vibrant and aromatic. It has a rich fruit taste on the palate and a warm finishing touch on the tongue, unfurling the flavours of blue and purple grapes, combined with honey and caramel.

Burlingtons V.S.O.P. Reserve is available in Mahrashtra in pack sizes of 1 litre (Rs 1,900), 750 ml (Rs 1,500), 375 ml (Rs750), 180 ml (Rs 375) and 90 ml (Rs 200). All bottles are available in the same diamond packs; but the 1-litre and 750-ml have a three-window mono carton.

There are nine exclusive variants in the pipeline which are planned to be introduced during 2021 in a phased manner. The company also has plans to launch whiskey, gin and vodka from next year.