North-East gets its first ‘Warehouse’

North-East gets its first ‘Warehouse’

With the opening of The Warehouse in Guwahati, a new era in the alcohol retail business of North-East India has dawned. Co-founded by Vishal Deorah, promoter of Global Spirits and The Whisky Company, the store offers a unique experience to its customers.

Located at a junction bordering Guwahati city and the state of Meghalaya, it has already begun attracting people as Aladdin’s cave of both, rare as well as wonderful examples of the distiller’s art.

The Warehouse takes pride in stocking North-East India’s largest selection of wine, beers and spirits. It is spread across 12,000 square feet, with ample space for customer parking.

Its personalised selection of wines, beers and spirits implies the fact that the Warehouse is committed to keeping the finest products. You can tell a lot about this shop simply by walking through the door, even if you don’t know much about wines and spirits.

The entire store is maintained at cellar temperature to preserve wines; and products are neatly displayed within their respective country of origin section. One can look at product descriptions posted under bottles, or consult the trained staff at the store, which offers personal attention.

More important than the physical characteristics of the store is its ambience. It shows the difference between a regular and a comfortable shopping experience.

This approach has been winning The Warehouse many repeated clients.

Spread over two floors, luxury spirits occupy the first floor, with separate display areas for wines, spirits and beers, and prices for each displayed upfront. The current layout of the store is in the style of a lounge.

The location of the store is an added advantage since it is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city.