Master Blasters @The Little Easy, Bandra

Now launching, flavoured Blaster Cocktails The Brosmary cocktail (L) is later infused with a rosemary bubble (C) that provides flavoured vapour (R).

Popular speakeasy-inspired, The Little Easy in Bandra (Mumbai), recently raised the bar by launching the concept of Flavour Blaster Cocktail this March. The Flavour Blaster is the first piece of cocktail equipment ever standardised, and carefully safety-tested to make these cocktails.

The Flavour Blaster helps make beautiful bubbles with ease on top of the cocktail that infuses the drinks with an aromatic mist. There is one bubble that only gets better when burst.

Based in the UK, the JetChill were the ones who invented this and now The Little Easy is making delicate bubbles of flavoured smoke that sits atop cocktails and other edible items. The bubbles create aromatic clouds for a dramatic effect.

The Flavour Blaster is a light-weight bubble gun of sorts that is rechargeable via a USB cord and fits easily in the hand. On the gun is a magnetic tank to fill with an aroma of choice. The device heats the contents in the tank, producing a vapour.

The bartender then dips the nozzle of the Flavour Blaster into a solution called Bubble X and pulls the trigger to form the vapour-filled bubble, laying it over the rim of the glass containing a prepared cocktail.

If you’re after vibrant ingredients for cutting-edge cocktails and innovation, then you definitely cannot miss experiencing these Flavour Blaster cocktails.

The Gingerella

Absolut, honey brandy, triple sec, pineapple juice and lime cocktail (shaken) is the fairy tale intervention you didn’t know your taste buds needed. It is topped with a glorious flavoured ginger bubble.

Ballantine’s Day

You’ll give your heart to this brand new Ballantine’s cocktail, spruced up with a shot of absinthe, red wine and passion fruit juice, basil leaf, cinnamon sticks, allshaken and stirred. It is finished with a garnish of a mixed berry bubble.


Two Indies dark rum creates some bad romance with honey brandy, cilantro, bell peppers, egg whites and asparagus reduction (all shaken). With an opening act by our special grapefruit flavoured bubble, you won’t be left with a poker face!

The Brosmary

Beefeater gin and Campari come together with orange juice, egg whites and lavender maple syrup (shaken). It is infused with the added attraction of a burnt rosemary bubble to make your (and all your Bro’s) new favourite drink.