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Moving ahead of the times

NV Group: ahead of the times NV Group Chairman Ashok Jain (sitting) and his CEO son, Varun, have global ambitions.

Starting with a liquor distribution business in 1994, Mr Ashok Jain, Chairman of New Delhi-based NV Group, has today raised it to become India’s largest grain distiller.

Ashok started by setting up a distillery in Punjab. Today the company has its own manufacturing facilities in Haryana, Maharashtra, Punjab and Goa, and distilleries on lease in Chhattisgarh, Chandigarh and Uttarakhand.

The next step was to build its own brands, and so came Party Special Deluxe whiskey, and Blue Moon vodka and gin. Thereafter it was years of hard work building a national presence.

Ashok is full of praise for the likes of Amrut Distilleries, Paul John and Rampur Distilleries, all making Indian single malts which have won accolades and are loved by all. His favourite is the Royal Salute 38-YO blended Scotch.

Global recognition

Varun joined his father’s company as CEO in the year 2007. He expanded the portfolio by launching Royal Envy whiskey, Discovery Elite whiskey, Crazy Romeo rum, Mojo rum, Brande XO, Langur Premium strong beer and Smoke water.

His collaboration with SmokeLab has resulted in the award-winning SmokeLab Classic and SmokeLab Aniseed vodkas, both of which are being exported to the US and Singapore.

The company’s annual turnover of Rs. 1,360 crore (2019-20) also reflects on his contribution as fresh blood. His stress on R&D and brand development hints at his global ambitions.

For Varun, innovation in alcobev is “moving ahead of the times, bringing differentiation, and creating stories that have an impact.” He does not drink alcohol, but says “I appreciate the liquid”!