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Oaksmith’s tributes to India

Oaksmith’s tributes to India


To inspire and re-ignite the young year’s spirit, the House of Suntory shares a few cocktail recipes from its stellar portfolio, this time with Oaksmith Gold, the perfect blend of East meets West.

Oaksmith Gold is India’s first international blended whiskey, a celebration of craftsmanship and global collaboration. It is a fine balance of smokiness, sweetness and smoothness all put together with Japanese precision.


Oaksmith Kolkata

Inspired by the culturally-rich Kolkata and its heritage trams, this mix is inspired specifically from Adda-36, a popular tram route trundling past the city’s landmarks


Oaksmith Gold: 50ml

Gondhoraj lemon juice: 25ml

Parijat syrup: 25ml

Egg white: half

Angostura bitters


Add Parijat syrup and Angostura bitters to a glass, stir till fully dissolved. Add ice and Oaksmith Gold. Stir well for at least a minute. Serve in a tall glass and garnish with Gondhoraj lemon peel.



Oaksmith Assam

This ‘tippy’ tea from the largest tea growing state in India is combined with ginger and black pepper, popularly grown plants in Assam.


Oaksmith Gold: 50 ml

Black pepper & ginger syrup: 25ml

Kaji Nemu juice (local lemons): 20ml

Carbonated Orthodox Assam Tea Brew (cooled): 200ml


In a soda syphon, add the tea and black pepper and ginger syrup and charge with one CO2 charger. Set aside in a refrigerator. Now, in a tall glass with ice, add Oaksmith Gold and stir to chill the whiskey. Top-up a tall glass with carbonated ginger and black pepper Assam tea soda. Garnish with a slice of Kaji Nemu.



Oaksmith Goa

This comes in honour of ‘Patraos’ from Portuguese colonies and Goa’s visual aesthetic.


Oaksmith Gold: 50ml

Goan Port wine: 10ml

Passion fruit pulp: 20ml

Orange juice: 30ml


Shake all ingredients (except port wine) together in a shaker full of ice. Strain the mix over one big piece of ice, in an Old Fashioned glass. Gently pour Goan Port wine over the drink so it floats, creating a red layer on top.