Paul John releases Nirvana

Paul John releases ‘Nirvana’ single malt

Paul John Distilleries, the award-winning Indian single malt maker, recently announced the release of its newest unpeated expression, Nirvana. Bottled at an ABV of 40% it has been created from Indian 6-row barley and matured in charred American oak casks. Like every expression of Paul John whisky, Nirvana does not have any added flavours or colours.

Nirvana ensures a captivating experience with its soft aromas of caramel, bourbon and fruitcake, flavours of succulent vanilla and sweet honeycomb, and a honeyed finish. Paul John single malt whiskies are aged for a minimum of 5 years. Nirvana is currently available in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, as well as Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan and West Bengal.