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Purrrfect sunsets in the Caribbean

Purrfect sunsets in the Carribean My home bar with T20 Dhoni bottle visible.

Favourite drink memory:

Sipping a Pina Colada, watching the perfect sunset in Barbados!

Favourite bars:

My bar at home; the Crown Casino Bar in Melbourne (Australia); and Hard Rock Bar in Manchester (UK).

Favourite wine/ spirit:

Jack Daniels Honey.

Favourite cocktail:

Mai Tai.

Best city to drink in:

Anywhere in the Caribbean, because every drink is accompanied by the right vibes and the right music, giving it extra potency and relevance.

Best bottle I’ve been given:

The Champagne bottle the Indian team sipped from after winning the T20 World Cup in Johannesburg. I finished half the bottle; then took the empty one home for my bar!

We need more women behind the bar because…

They challenge what sadly is a male bastion.

Plastic straws are…

A turn-off!

My favourite bartender:

Someone who can mix me the perfect cocktail by just having a chat with me and figuring out my likes are, rather than pulling it off a menu!

Whisky is for…

Boring intellectuals!

My favourite bar accessory:

A flashing neon light that indicates it’s time for a tipple.

Favourite drinking game:

Never have I ever...