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Robotic bartenders from Barsys

Robotic bartenders from Barsys

Barsys, the creators of smart coasters that assist in cocktail making, has now come up with a cocktail making machine called Barsys 2.0. Also known as a robotic bartender, the Barsys 2.0 is a smart, automated cocktail making machine that creates perfect drinks at home with nothing more than a click of a button.

To set up the machine, simply load it with any five spirits of choice, and add three mixers in the metal canisters provided. The information about the liquor can be manually entered or automatically be fed by scanning the barcodes of the bottle labels. The mixers need to be typed in along with the volume.

Once it is set up, the Barsys 2.0 can be operated though the Barsys app. The app is available for iOS and Android phones, and allows you to select a cocktail or create your own signature cocktails from scratch. The cocktails can be customised to meet personal preferences.

The Barsys 2.0 moves the glass left to right, dispensing the exact amounts of each ingredient. The lighting feature lets you know the progress of the drink completion along the way. The upward lighting prominently displays each spirit so everyone can know what’s being served.

Made out of food grade material, Barsys 2.0 comes with three metal canisters, a patented wireless mixer, a removable spill tray for easy cleaning, and five bottle mounts. For more information, check out