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Samsara gin goes pink

Samsara gin goes pink

Exactly a year back, Spaceman Spirits Lab embarked on a wonderful expedition to introduce the world to its first release, Samsara Contemporary Indian gin. The Delhi-based company has now announced a new release, Samsara City of Pink gin.

The New World Experiments series celebrates lesser known stories from India, bringing together a bouquet of flavours, stories and adventures paired with the classic Contemporary Indian Gin.

The City of Pink is an exquisitely crafted pink gin (37% ABV) that is distilled with 11 signature botanicals and further infused with fresh floral extracts and summer berries. This edition is best enjoyed on the rocks, in a gin & tonic, or topped with sparkling wine!

The City of Pink is priced at Rs 1,850 in Goa, Rs 3,200 in Maharashtra, Rs 3,350 in Karnataka and Rs 3,500 in Rajasthan for 750-ml bottles.