Maka Zai will leave you asking for more

Spooky, fruity cocktails for year-end

Maka Zai, the new craft rum from Goa, has curated cocktails that use ingredients not usually found in these beverages. Corn, dried fig and beetroot have been elevated for some unique serves, brought exclusively for the readers of Brews&Spirits!


Charred Corn Daiquiri 

A nostalgic nose of charred corn, reminds you of monsoon days enjoyed with a roasted corn on the cob, re-imagined with rum!

  • Makazai white rum 60ml
  • Fresh lime 20ml
  • Sugar syrup 20ml
  • Charred corn kernels 3 bar spoons
  • Slice of charred corn

Directions: Muddle the corn along with the lime juice and sugar syrup. Add Maka Zai white rum and shake with ice. Double-strain into a coupe glass rimmed with salt and chili powder. Garnish with a slice of charred corn.




Inspired by the rich red soil in which sugarcane grows, and the smell of the earth after a fresh rain.

  • Makazai white rum 50ml
  • Fresh beetroot juice 20ml
  • Lime juice 15ml
  • Molasses 7.5ml
  • Jalepeno 1 slice
  • Jalapeno brine 5ml
  • Salt 1 pinch

Directions: Muddle the slice of jalapeno and molasses along with the lime juice, brine and salt. Add fresh beetroot juice and Maka Zai white rum and shake with ice. Strain and serve in a Nick & Nora and garnish with a coriander leaf.