uKeg keeps the beer ‘growling’

uKeg keeps the beer ‘growling’

A growler that can improve brewers’ access to the masses and serve beer the way they intended it – fresh, cold and carbonated – is a dream come true for pub owners!

uKeg is a pressurised stainless steel growler that can hold either 64 or 128 ounces of beer (1.81 litres and 3.63 litres respectively), and keep it fresh for considerably longer than its average glass counterpart.

To keep good microbrew from going bad, three craft beer lovers with an engineering problem in Portland, Oregon, got together and designed the uKeg, a pressurised growler that keeps oxygen away from beer and maintains perfect carbonation from first to last pour.

The secret lies in the uKeg’s unique pressurisation cap. Hidden inside the cap is a little slot designed to hold a CO2 cartridge, as well as a selector dial on the cap that allows you to regulate the amount of gas it releases.

To help you get a sense of how pressurised the growler’s interior chamber is, the tap is outfitted with a brass pressure gauge.

A report from the Society of Independent Brewers in the European Union shows that about one-third of small breweries now run tap bars. Brewery tap bars are becoming as important as the local pub.

Europeans love independent, local beer, and the uKeg has arrived to help them take draft beer to go, keep it fresh, and share it with friends and family. To distribute uKeg, Growler Werks is partnering with Browland, Europe’s largest distributor for craft beer equipment and home brewing supplies.