Vegan? Don’t whine, for there is wine!

Vegan? Don’t whine, for there is wine! Outback Jack wines from Australia.

The rise in the number of people turning vegan is growing at an exponential rate! Turning vegan is a way of living, which seeks to exclude, as far as possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.

These lifestyle changes have led to massive changes in the food and clothing industries to accommodate this new liege of eco-warriors. Vegan leather, vegan milk, vegan textiles are often spotted on brand labels.

The newest entrant to the vegan label is vegan wines. Yes, you read that right, wines are now vegan! Surprised?

Wine is simply understood as fermented grape juice; so how is it not already a vegan product? While wine is technically vegan already, the wine-making process often involves the usage of egg whites, which makes the end product non suitable for vegan consumption.

To understand what eggs do, or how are they used in the wine-making process, it is pertinent to understand that eggs have several different functions in different kinds of recipes. In the wine-making process it is used as a coagulant.

The egg-whites are used only to attract all the residual products like pulp, proteins, tannins, grape skin, etc. After this process is completed, the egg whites collect at the bottom and are completely removed from the wine.

This is the process of clarification that yields us the ‘clear wines’ that are majorly sold in the market.

Guilt-free drinks

The vegan filtration alternative for the egg-whites is bentonite or kieselguhr. It is an absorbent clay that attracts protein and other particles and helps in clarification process of the wine.

With the surge of vegans in India, many importers and delegates have developed an interest in the product. Monika Enterprise, a leading importer and distributor takes pride in holding a delectable range of vegan wines, such as El Goru (14.5% ABV with Monastrell, Syrah and Petit Verdot), Goru el Blanco (13% ABV from Moscatel and Chardonnay) and Fuerza (14.5% ABV with Monastrell and Cabernet Sauvignon) from Jumilla, in Murcia region of Spain.

Some of Monika Enterprise’s premium selections include the award-winning classic French range of Terroir Daronton Cote du Rhone, Terroir Daronton Vacqueyras and Terroir Daronton Chateauneuf du Pape.

Monika Enterprise also carries an exclusive range of Australian wines like the Outback Jack (13.8% ABV), Outback Jack Shiraz Cabernet (13.9% ABV) and Outback Jack Cabernet Merlot (14% ABV) – as well as Metal Label Durif (15% ABV with Petit Sirah) and Metal Label Black Shiraz (14.4% ABV).