Wine cellars with vistas and views

Wine cellars with vistas and views

Kessick Wine Storage Systems is a family owned, family run business, proudly manufacturing in Greenville, South Carolina (US). It combines aesthetics and function with sound building science to create sophisticated, personalised wine cellars of exceptional quality.

The factory-assembled wine cabinetry components are installed right out of the packing boxes. Most other companies move construction kits flat-packed and assemble wine cellars prior to installation at the site.

The wine cabinetry is assembled with dowel and joinery construction, and all fasteners are engineered to be hidden. Most other companies have their parts nailed with brads and staples, with little effort to hide the fasteners.

While most US construction companies use lattice assembly of strips of redwood and pine, Kessick uses box construction cabinetry utilising hardwood core A-grade panels with solid wood internal components.

Kessick also designs individual columns and ladders with a proprietary radius bottle support with dowel construction. No screws or staples are used and there are no visible fasteners.

In the accompanying photographs of award-winning projects, the use of glass is often prominent. The wine rooms are designed to be aesthetic focal points and entertainment spaces.

Contemporary features include black textured panel construction, white marble tasting niche, parallel wine display rods and LED lighting.

Wine cabinets are constructed using 8-mm dowels and Confirmat screws. All four sides of each panel are edge banded to protect the engineered core from humidity.