Wines from Yalumba make landfall

Wines from Yalumba make landfall At the recent launch of Yalumba wines from South Australia (L-R) are Mr Stuart Rees from Austrade; Mr Anil Chandhok, CEO & President of Chenab Impex; Mr Bhavin Kadakia from Austrade; and Mr Anmol Chandhok, Senior Manager, Chenab Impex.

Australian winemakers are growing their presence in India, where there is a growing market for higher quality wines. The Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) recently helped Yalumba Wines secure its presence in the Indian market.

Mr Stuart Rees, Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner (South Asia) for Austrade, launched Yalumba  wines in India with Chenab Impex, a Mumbai-based importer. Yalumba is the first Australian wine in Chenab Impex’s portfolio.

The deal allows Yalumba to retain and build a presence in India at a time when trade disruptions are affecting its exports to traditional Asian markets.

Yalumba is Australia’s oldest and largest family owned wine company. It remains fiercely independent and extremely progressive through the generational ownership by the Hill-Smith family. Yalumba is Barossa-based, owned and managed by the same family since 1849.

The Y Series is a collection of iconic classics and exciting new varietals. Each wine is authentically crafted with fruit from South Australia’s most celebrated wine regions.

The five labels of Yalumba that have been launched in India are Yaluma Samuel’s Collection Barossa Shiraz, Yalumba Y Series  Shiraz, Chardonnay, Viognier and Shiraz-Viognier.

Samuel’s Collection Barossa Shiraz is a series of exclusive wines named after Yalumba’s founder, Samuel Smith. Deep purple-ruby in colour, this oaked Barossa Shiraz is a generously aromatic wine with notes of plums, anise, lavender, and pepper.

The palate is full-bodied with intense flavours of berries, dark chocolate, vanilla and liquorice. The silky-smooth tannins and long, complex finish will be best enjoyed when this wine has been decanted 30 minutes and served at 18°C. It can best be paired with grilled meats, Indian dishes, barbecues and chocolate.

The Y Series Viognier is an award-winning dry, fruit-forward wine that leads with the aromas of freshly cut grass and just-picked chamomile buds and elderflower. This progresses on to the sweeter bouquet of muskmelon with a tinge of ginger.

The palate is light-bodied, yet pleasantly complex, with crispness and flavours of apricots, citrus, a silky mouthfeel, and a finish that comes from lees ageing. It is enjoyed chilled at 10°C with lightly spiced dishes, mashed potatoes, or grilled vegetables or chicken.

The Y Series Chardonnay is an acclaimed, dry, un-oaked wine rich in aromas of ripe tropical fruits, orange blossom, and sweet spices. On the creamy palate, mango and citrus fruit flavours lead onto notes of sweet spice and nuts.

The refreshing acidity and complex, savoury finish make this a great wine to enjoy with lightly spiced dishes, hummus, salads, and seafood at 10°C-12°C.

The Y series Shiraz-Viognier combines beautifully to create this crimson-hued dry red wine. A perfume of violets, plums, blackberries, and white pepper is matched with a full-bodied palate of dark chocolate and ripe cherries.

The exotic synergy between the Shiraz and Viognier results in a balanced fruit-forward wine with a complex, lingering finish. It is best enjoyed at 18°C with grilled meat, Indian dishes and chocolate.

The Y series Shiraz has a deep crimson colour and pronounced aromas of plums and ripe berries. The palate has intense, concentrated, and long-lasting flavours of ripe blueberries, peppercorns, and dark chocolate.

Tannins are plentiful and well-rounded, resulting in a full-bodied dry red wine to be enjoyed at 18°C with rich Indian dishes, meats, barbecues and chocolates.

Yalumba wines are available in more than 20 outlets across Mumbai and Pune, as well as in Bengaluru. The Samuel’s Collection Barossa Shiraz retails for Rs 4,450 (Maharashtra) and Rs 4,550 (Karnataka); Y series Shiraz for Rs 2,725 (Maharashtra) and Rs 2,515 (Karnataka); while the Y Series Shiraz-Viognier, Y Series Viognier and Y Series Chardonnay are priced at Rs 2,725 (Maharashtra) and Rs 2,515 (Karnataka).