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‘30 Best Bars India 2019’ awards in October

‘30 Best Bars in India’ underway

Tulleeho and Man’s World magazine ( have announced the launch of India’s first independent annual bar ranking and awards: ‘30 Best Bars India 2019’. The ranking will be based on a nationwide poll of bar enthusiasts, industry experts, connoisseurs and writers.

The announcement of the ranking will culminate in an awards ceremony in late October in New Delhi that will showcase, recognise and celebrate the best of the Indian bar and cocktail industry – from the best bars to the best mixologists and bar teams that have made meaningful contributions through their craft.

‘30 Best Bars India 2019’ ranking and awards will recognise excellence in Best Bar, Best Hotel Bar, Best Independent Bar, Best Microbrewery, Best Cocktail Menu, Best Bar Design, Best Bar Team and Best Bartender. Apart from the national ranking, the contest will also rank bars across major cities.

Voting process

The first stage of the ‘30 Best Bars India 2019’ poll, which is already underway, will lead to the creation of a long list of more than a 100 bars based on the recommendations of more than 50 bar enthusiasts and experts across the country.

In the second stage, a jury of more than 200 bar enthusiasts, industry experts, connoisseurs and writers will vote for the best bars in the long list in each of the categories. The voting process will be confidential, and via a secure website.

Since it is likely that many of the bar enthusiasts are unfamiliar with the work of individual bartenders, the ranking of the Best Bartender and the Best Bar Team will be based on the poll of a specially curated Technical Jury consisting of two dozen experts from across the country who have intimate knowledge of the bar industry.

Four more important awards will be presented at the ceremony, based on a national online poll – the People’s Choice Award for the Best Bar and Best Microbrewery; Best Vintage Bar will recognise the best from among thise that have existed for a minimum of 30 years; and the Industry Legend Award for long-term contribution by an industry veteran.

National recognition

Announcing the contest, Vikram Achanta, Co-founder and CEO of Tulleeho said, “Having worked in the Indian beverage and hospitality industry for the last 19 years, Tulleeho has seen the advances made in the Indian hospitality industry, especially the emergence of passionate bar owners, capacity-building by the alco-bev industry, and a pool of talented bartenders and beverage managers.”

He added, “We think the time is opportune to create a platform that we hope will, over a few years, help propel the growth of the industry, and put India’s bars and bartending talent on the Asian and world maps.”

Radhakrishnan Nair, Publisher & Editor of Man’s World said, “Having written about the Indian bar scene almost every month since our inception nearly 20 years ago, Man’s World has had a ringside view of the evolution of the industry. We felt the bar industry in India had reached a stage of maturity that requires national and international recognition.”

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