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In Goa (again!), a craft vodka

A craft vodka named Rahasya

Goa-based Blisswater Industries recently launched Rahasya (‘mystery’ in Sanskrit), a craft (flavoured) vodka inspired by the mysticism, heritage and folklore of India.

It is currently available in Goa (Rs 850 for 750-ml bottle), and will soon be available in other parts of India.

Going beyond the narrow band of Indian masala (spices), Rahasya is made from high quality Indian grain and has crisp notes with a refreshing after-taste. It is best enjoyed plain or simply on ice.

Varna Bhat, Founder and CEO of Blisswater Industries, says: “Rahasya (42.8% ABV) has been launched keeping in mind the growing popularity of white spirits in India. The unique blend emerged from a lot of careful research on India’s ancient traditions.”