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A ‘flair’ to support the community

A ‘flair’ to support the community

The bar and hospitality industry has taken a big hit due to the disruptions caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic. Many professionals have lost their jobs, sent on unpaid leave, locked up in bad situations and left with an uncertain future.

The primary challenges faced by hospitality professionals are job loss, depression and stress, and even food expenses.

The Indian Flair Bartenders Association (IFBA), a not-for-profit organisation that works to develop skills and knowledge among the community, jumped to their rescue, from giving minimum wages to distributing grocery kits.

It reached out to industry stalwarts, liquor companies and even NGOs to collaborate to save the worst affected people in the industry. The message was clear: Help the less fortunate.

Bartenders, a few influencers and liquor companies stepped forward to play their roles. With their help, the IFBA was able to help more hospitality professionals.

Till date, it has received Rs 10,52,977 in funds and donations, of which it has distributed Rs 9,88,500 to help 260 people from the bartending community in need of assistance.

The IFBA was founded in 2019 to address the bartending trade in India and find ways to enhance the profession and make it a “white-collar job”, through physical and digital platforms by holding seminars, competitions and masterclasses.