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ABD launches hugs-n-kisses

ABD launches hugs-n-kisses

Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD) recently launched its premium offer, X&O Barrel premium whiskey. The launch is again a first on its Metaverse platform, the ABD MetaBar, after which it was physically launched in Gurugram.

X&O is a premium blend of best Scotch malts matured in American bourbon barrels and finest Indian grain spirits. The name ‘X&O’ comes from the Millennial short code of X (kisses) and O (hugs) that comprises elements like intimacy, warmth, passion and friendship.

X&O Barrel Premium whiskey is available in Gurugram in 750-ml (Rs 650), 375-ml (Rs 350) and 180-ml (Rs 200) bottles. It will subsequently move for a national launch.