Glenmorangie launches sonic visual art series

Glenmorangie launches sonic visual art A snapshot of Raas, part of The Delicious Design Project artwork. (Inset) Glenmorangie’s ‘Wondermaker’ Karsh Kale.

From the house of Moët Hennessy India, luxury single malt Glenmorangie has begun to dazzle audiences after it amalgamated art and music with The Delicious Design Project.

Indian-American musician, Karsh Kale, features in and as the exclusive ‘Wondermaker’ – along with artist Nikunj Patel of Studio Moebius – to create an immersive long-form digital art series.

This whimsical art and music series sets up three such fantastical moments of brand enjoyment: Khuld, Raas and Shararat.

With the venue transformed into an “orangie” arthouse, the three immersive art pieces were launched with a high-octane event in Mumbai, replete with fascinating installations, live rituals and a dramatic performance by the artists themselves in true Glenmorangie style.

While Khuld involves viewers to enjoy lingering boat rides with friends in pristine lakes, or soak in breath-taking beauty of valleys laden with bright flowers, Raas takes them on a journey of merriment, opulent celebrations and dance in palatial courtyards.

Shararat, on the other hand, celebrates urban party experiences made delicious with dancing skylines and giant giraffes. Thrilled on his association with Glenmorangie, Karsh Kale said, “This is one of the first projects I have worked on where the vibrant India is depicted as a whimsical wonderland. Our endeavour was to curate unparalleled experiences in the art, music and spirits spaces.”

Glenmorangie’s Highland whisky makers use endless imagination and five key ingredients – wood, water, barley, yeast and time – to dream up delicious single malt whiskies. In Scotland’s tallest stills, whose necks are as high as a giraffe, they produce a delicate and fruity spirit, ripe for experimentation.