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Angus Dundee launches 2 MacRoys blends

Angus Dundee launches 2 MacRoys blends

Angus Dundee India, a 100% subsidiary of Angus Dundee Distillers Plc, Scotland, has introduced MacRoys blended Scotch whisky, distilled, aged and blended in Scotland. Matured using the BB1 barrels, the once used American Oak Bourbon barrels holding only Bourbon, infuses a distinct character to the whisky.

Crafted using exclusive malt, matured in bourbon casks – whose charring produces lactins which help develop coconut and vanilla characteristics – the whisky is a deep amber and has pronounced and sweet with aromas of toasted almonds, dried fruits, coco powder and oat granola on the nose.

On the palate, it is lucious and soft, with notes of milk chocolate, prunes and maple syrup, with sweet spice highlights of nutmeg and vanilla pod. The finish is warming and long, with mellow layers of oatmeal porridge, toasted oak, walnut and dark chocolate.

MacRoys is available in Punjab, Chandigarh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, Andhra, Odisha and some stores of Indian para-military forces. The product is placed at a price point of Rs.1,600 to Rs. 2,100 per 750-ml bottle (depending on the state excise).

MacRoys extra-peat blended Scotch is a bottled-in-India whisky with peat. Distilled, aged and blended in Scotland, it is given a smoky flavour by compounds which are released by the peat fires used to dry malted barley.

The length and intensity of exposure to the smoke dictates the strength of this flavour, as do the characteristics of the peat itself.

This offering has a deep amber colour, and is sweet and smoky, with aromas of toasted nuts, chimney soot, honeycomb and cocoa powder on the nose. On the palate are layers of treacle toffees, campfire smoke, cooked fruits and Danish pastry fading into liquorice and cake spices.

The finish is warming and balanced, with notes of honey, milk chocolate and rolling tobacco, with hints of peat smoke lingering on the tongue.

MacRoys has already been launched in Punjab and Chandigarh at Rs.1,600 to Rs.1,800 per 750-ml bottle (depending on the state excise). Plans are afoot to make both whiskies available in other markets shortly.