Beer mixers to BeeYoung?

Beer mixers to BeeYoung

BeeYoung Crazy Camel

Sugar syrup: 20ml

Lime juice: 30ml

Martini Rosso: 30ml

White rum: 45ml

Ice cubes

Beer for top-up

Dried orange wheel to garnish

In a rock glass, add ice cubes. Pour sugar syrup, lime juice, martini Rosso and white rum. Stir the concoction. Top up with BeeYoung beer and garnish with dried orange wheel.


Grapefruit Beer Bellini

Fresh grapefruit juice: 4oz

Simple syrup: 1/2oz

BeeYoung beer: 2 oz

Prosecco: 1/2oz

Grapefruit slice for garnish


Add grapefruit juice and simple syrup to Champagne flute. Top up with BeeYoung beer and Prosecco. Garnish drink with a grapefruit slice.