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Biggest gin fest headed to Bengaluru

Biggest gin fest headed to Bengaluru

Tick Tock, it’s Gin O’ Clock! Gin Explorers Club, India’s biggest gin festival is coming to Bengaluru for the first time! On the 5th and 6th of November, ticket holders can revel in tasting a host of gins, listen to exciting music acts, participate in impeccable experiences and feel the magical vibes.

Until a couple of years ago, gin accounted only for a tiny share of the country’s alcobev market, as compared to now, where the increase in the number of gin consumers in the country has put India on the map as one of the three fastest-growing markets in the gin consumption space.

The introduction of a wave of home-grown gins, as well as international brands, has made way for a whopping rise of 6% in consumption in India annually.

Among the brands are Beefeater Pink, Gordon’s, Greater Than, Jaisalmer, Monkey 47, Samsara, Stranger&Sons, Tamras, Tanqueray and more. Artists like Peter Cat Recording Co., Sickflip, Nida and Aditi Ramesh among many others will entertain the guests.

GEC founder Anjali Batra says: “No two gins can ever taste the same, and that’s the experience that we are trying to bring forth. The world of gin today doesn’t just stop at the consumption of the spirit itself, but rather depicts a whole new lifestyle around it.”

The festival passes are available at which gives you access to one day at the festival and to all the entertainment zones and on-ground activities.