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Fantastic fromage from Fratelli!

Fantastic fromage from Fratelli Wines

In a conscious collaboration that reflects Fratelli’s commitment to #vocalforlocal, the winery has introduced an exceptional range of locally produced artisanal cheeses, handcrafted in collaboration with Käse, and made with ethically sourced raw A2 milk from indigenous cows.

The milk that goes into making the cheeses contains a higher amount of protein, vitamins and minerals, and is free of hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, additives or emulsifiers.

Fratelli Wines, loved for its home-grown varietals with an Indian-Italian soul and cosmopolitan versatility, have created a simple, yet exceptional treat for the taste buds.

The founders of Käse, Anuradha and Namrata, are award-winning, qualified natural cheese makers. Käse cheeses are made by specially-abled women, creating an environment of empowerment and freedom through ethical and socially beneficial methods.

Every variety of cheese developed is intrinsically tied to the story of Fratelli. The Cheddarg, a combination of Cheddar and Cornish Yarg, is wrapped in homegrown Sangiovese leaves and aged for up to 5 months.

Chenin Sunburst is inspired by the popular Alpine cheese, Gruyère, a washed rind cheese that develops a sticky, orange rind. The Syrah Gusto takes from the Tomme cheese variety, generally made in the French Alps and Switzerland.

These cheeses are available across India or on