Bira91 Gold comes out strong-er

Bira91 Gold comes out stronger

Bira91 Gold, a full-flavoured and intensely strong beer, has hit Indian palates with its thick creamy foam head. The caramel malts in the grist give this beer caramel and honey notes in the front, a low bitterness centre and a soft and smooth finish.

Bira91 Gold is available in 330-ml, 650-ml bottles and 500-ml cans. The 330-ml is priced at Rs. 100 in Bengaluru and Rs. 140 in Mumbai. The 500-ml can is priced at Rs. 125 in Bengaluru and Rs. 170 in Mumbai.

The beer will be launched across 23 states and Union territories in phases through the year. To find out more, check out ‘bira91beer’ on Instgram.