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Bottle glows with profile of new gin

Bottle glows with profile of new gin The design uses orange and blue colour schemes to capture the ‘day-to-night’ transition.

Bombay Sapphire has turned again to UK creative agency, Knockout, to design its new special edition gin called Bombay Sapphire Sunset, from the stables of Bacardi Global Brands.

Building on the architecture of Bombay Sapphire’s iconic design, the bottle design reflects the product’s contents: a blend of the gin brand’s signature natural botanicals with Indian cardamom, turmeric and Spanish mandarin oranges.

The colour scheme moves from golden orange to twilight blue, emotionally transporting consumers to the moment when the sun is just about to set.

In a visual metaphor, Knockout captures the “day-to-night occasion” of the Bombay Sapphire Sunset variant that “cues appetite appeal and inspires cocktail inspiration”, according to the design agency.

The label frame illustrates cardamom seeds and mandarin slices in gold foil, continuing onto the label body in a tactile varnish and around the burnt amber cap in a tinted ink.

The final design uses tactility to emphasize the drink occasion and flavours, elevating the special edition experience. The tactile varnish on the body of the label transitions into the frame’s gold foil, and then it is screen-printed in ink onto the cap.

By engaging the senses, the different executions expand the consumer’s product experience beyond the sensory, telling the proposition story both visually and tactilely.

The intricate details ignite intrigue, creating depth that adds more layers of delight to the overall brand and product experience. Other quintessential bottle features went untouched to bring familiarity and a sense of architecture.