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BottleBuddy is like transit insurance

BottleBuddy is like transit insurance

When a wine shop owner hands out the sold bottle(s) of wine or spirits packed in a BottleBuddy, s/he is merely packing the bottle in a packaging format similar to bubble packaging.

But, instead of wrapping 4-5 layers of bubble film to secure the safety of the bottle, s/he is using BottleBuddy, an infinitely superior option of a blown, candle-shaped bubble package.

According to Goa-based Sri Vasuprada Polyfilms, the manufacturer of BottleBuddy, it is not a “carry-bag”; it is a packaging material, conceived to protect glass containers from damage during transit. It is a safer way to transport any fragile item, such as bottles or any other glass container.

BottleBuddy, launched at ProWine 2021 in Mumbai, showcased a safer concept of transporting alcohol and beverage bottles around. It could be used at points of sale (retail), and for transporting bottles to distant locations for sampling (marketing) or entering competitions (manufacturers).

The material used has strength, to take a good and reasonable impact. The concept of the protection is that, when fully inflated, the air columns in the bag resist compression, not allowing the two layers of the column to meet during impact.

The columns bounce back to their original inflated form, thus preventing the bottle from coming in contact with the floor or ground surface. Even if one column is punctured, due to some sharp object, the rest of the columns remain intact, still giving impact protection.

BB0H is suitable for 750-ml and 1-litre spirits and wine bottles. The three sizes of BottleBuddy currently available are 375x240-mm (HxW) before inflating for single bottle.  

BB1H, measuring 330x365-mm (HxW) is also for a single bottle, but comes with the convenience of a handle. The BB2H has two compartments to fit or accommodate two bottles of 750 ml or 1 litre.

There is the additional convenience of a handle above the bottle storage area, which can be folded around the bottle and does not occupy any extra space while packing in the check-in baggage, when required to be transported by air.

For online sales, BottleBuddy is also available with a tamper-evident sealing system, so any attempts made to switch contents can be easily noticed. BottleBuddy can be branded (printed) to customers’ specifications and can be very useful for a brand launch of a new product.

In addition, GST paid on the purchase of BottleBuddy can be claimed by the vendor, because packaging material is an input cost, even if s/he is not billing the customer for BottleBuddy. For details visit or write to