Brewking debuts with Beor 360 wheat & lager

Brewking debuts Beor 360 wheat & lager

Delhi-based Brewking Beverages has made its debut in the craft beer market with its lager and wheat beers, under the brand, Beor 360. Its beers are said to be made from fresh and pristine Himalayan spring waters from Bhutan.

The Beor 360 Wheat (4.9% ABV) is a right mix of barley malt, wheat and hops, which lets the chamomile and orange peel notes emerge from the hazy, golden straw-coloured unfiltered brew.

It is full-bodied, balanced, with a round finish and with no perceived bitterness. It has subtle notes of clove and banana from the yeast. The beer is priced at Rs. 120 for a 330-ml bottle.

The Beor 360 Lager (4.9% ABV), has a crystal-clear appearance, is soothing and refreshing, with the best ingredients, pristine Himalayan spring water.

It has a crisp and dry finish with subtle floral hop notes matched with restrained malt notes of honey and bread. It sells for Rs. 120 for a 330-ml bottle.

Both beers are currently available only in Delhi. (