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Calmness of chamomile in Beor360

Calmness of chamomile in Beor360

Beor360 Craft Wheat is a beer of international standards without the use of any chemicals or preservatives. The magic of chamomile comes through subtle and clear from the unfiltered, hazy brew of barley malt, wheat and hops.

Bottled at 4.9% ABV, it has a hazy, golden straw colour. On the palette there is no perceived bitterness. It is full-bodied, balanced and with a round finish.

There are subtle notes of clove and slight banana from the yeast; and the citrusy-floral notes of chamomile blend in well with that of orange peel.

Beor360 Craft Lager is crisp and clear, like a lager should be. It is a comfortable companion and easy sipping for all occasions.

With 4.9% ABV, it appears crystal clear. There is no perceived bitterness on the palette; it has a crisp and dry finish.

The subtle floral hop notes are matched with restrained malt notes of honey and bread.