Carbon accounting for F&B sector

Carbon accounting for F&B sector

Increasing government regulations, investor demands and business requirements are forcing companies in the food and beverage industry to take action on climate change. Large retailers are beginning to require their suppliers to quantify and report greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Florida-based North Star’s cutting-edge software makes carbon accounting less complicated by decentralising the data collection process and eliminating manual data entry where desired. Using methods that are accepted in the industry, one can calculate the organization's carbon emissions automatically.

North Star Carbon Management allows companies to streamline their GHG accounting and reporting and more quickly reach their net-zero GHG targets by:

  • Automating data transfer and GHG calculations by directly connecting to internal and external systems via its Open API platform.
  • Using the most intuitive and user-friendly interface among carbon accounting software platforms.
  • Setting short-term, medium-term and long-term carbon-reduction targets aligned with the Science Based Targets Initiative.
  • Tracking, monitoring and reporting on progress toward carbon-reduction goals.
  • Utilizing an AI-enabled planning function to create de-carbonisation roadmaps that model future scenarios across all emission sources and determine ideal pathways to net-zero emissions.
  • Understanding the financial costs of all emission sources and savings and the ROI of all carbon-reduction projects and plans.
  • Pulling complete audit reports and all source data in two clicks, providing complete transparency into all calculations, emission factors and estimations.

Using the company’s program, one can track performance data in real-time with logical, configurable dashboards, and create user-friendly reports that highlight the organization's accomplishments in carbon reduction. Along with this, it also enables tracking all emissions back to the source of data with ease, pulling audit reports with one click and aiding in the procedures of investor due diligence, and to access reliable, auditable data.

North Star’s technology allows users to personalize their workspaces by configuring dashboards and visualizations to suit their own preferences and requirements. Hence, it enables consumers to successfully convey their sustainability performance by presenting data in an understandable, aesthetically appealing style.

North Star Carbon Management was founded by veteran sustainability expert Josh Prigge, who has 13 years of experience conducting greenhouse gas emissions inventories for companies around the world.

North Star Carbon Management was beta-tested by some of America’s most recognizable food and beverage brands, and the team has already established strategic partnerships with leading accounting firms and sustainability consultants. For more information, visit