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Kegshoe’s tracking sensors make smart kegs possible

Kegshoe’s tracking sensors make smart kegs possible

Kegshoe, a keg-tracking software provider, and Binary Beer, an Australian-based IoT innovator, have come up with a way to transform regular kegs into smart, digitally-connected assets.

The KegLink sensors deliver real-time location, temperature and coupled (on-tap) data, providing breweries, distributors and lessors with visibility and control over their sales and operations. This innovative technology marks the industry’s first weld-free, 5G keg sensor with coast-to-coast connectivity in the United States and Canada.

Brewery management software Ekos and trusted data provider VIP are working together on an integration that will benefit craft beer producers and distributors. Integrating producer and distributor data between VIP and Ekos will take the pain out of three-tier distribution for beverage companies.

“After years of rigorous testing with leading breweries in the US, Canada and abroad, we’re proud to introduce the KegLink sensors to the market,” said Michael Burton, CEO of Binary Beer.

“With KegLink data integrated within Kegshoe, breweries of any size have access to transformative data that was previously out of reach,” added Adrian Pawliszko, CEO of Kegshoe.

The sensors’ simple design ensures easy installation and robust durability. Unlike traditional retrofit solutions that require costly, time-consuming installation processes, KegLink sensors can be easily attached to most kegs — including sixtel, quarter and half-barrel US keg sizes — enhancing operational efficiency while reducing costs.

Rated for IP-69K, they’re an ideal solution for the harsh conditions often encountered in breweries and transportation.

Breweries that have implemented KegLink sensors have seen a significant reduction in keg loss, reducing it to close to 0% annually. This presents the potential for considerable cost savings and operational efficiency across the entire supply chain.

The arrival of US-compatible KegLink sensors is a significant step towards the digital future of the brewing industry. For more information about the KegLink sensors, visit