Cocktails from Pernod Ricard, Hennessy Cognac & Smoke Vodka

Cocktails for the festive season


11/3 parts Absolut Raspberry

1/3 part simple syrup

2/3 part lemon juice

1/3 part black raspberry liqueur

Soda water

5 whole raspberries

Ice cubes

  • Fill a highball glass with ice cubes
  • Add Absolut Raspberry, simple syrup, lemon juice and black raspberry liqueur
  • Top up with soda water
  • Garnish with raspberries.




40 ml Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin

10 ml orange curacao

1 teaspoon lime juice

1 dash of Angostura bitters Orange bitters

  • Take Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin
  • Add orange curacao
  • 1 tsp. lime juice
  • 1 dash of Angostura bitters and a dash of orange bitters to a shaker with ice cubes
  • Shake vigorously for half a minute
  • Pour into a chilled coupette.




45 ml Jameson Irish Whiskey

30 ml black tea

30 ml apple juice

30 ml water

1-2 teaspoon honey

1 inch cinnamon stick

1 star anise 3 cloves

1 pinch ground nutmeg

1 slice lemon

  • Heat all the ingredients, except the whiskey in a pot for a few minutes
  • Pour into a mug/ cup
  • Stir in the whiskey

•         Serve hot