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DeVANS pays tribute to its founder

DeVANS pays tribute to its founder

DeVANS, one of the oldest producers of quality malt spirits in India, has announced the launch of its premium offering, GianChand single malt whiskey. Matured in a distillery that has been producing quality malt spirits since 1961, GianChand single malt has pineapple drop candy sweetness, carried hand-in-hand by barley, and a firm vanilla backbone softened by thin oils that ensure the tannin build.

Produced as a milestone in its 60th year of operations, it is an ode to the founder, Dewan Gian Chand. The flavours in the spirit have been optimised due to unique systems developed by the company and the ideal Jammu weather playing its part in the process.

Currently available in Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh and Delhi, GianChand single malt will be available across at least 10 states in the near future. Packaged at 42.8% ABV in 750-ml bottles, GianChand single malt is available in Delhi at Rs 4,490.