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Give yourself a gift!

Give yourself a gift!

The skill of bartenders at Windmills Craftworks in Bengaluru will have to be tasted to be believed! Working with the newly launched Mahua non-chill filtered spirit (40% ABV), the New Pickleback and Battle of Mahua were instant hits at the gathering.

Try out these whenever you get your hands on DesmondJi’s Mahua and Mahua Liqueur. How do you make them? Your imagination is your limit!


Twisted Tom

Mahua, rosemary, orange zest, cranberry juice, lime & tonic water.


Bloody Maria

Mahua, fresh tomato juice, bell pepper, coriander, Tabasco, Worcestershire, wasabi, lime, salt & pepper.



Battle of Mahua

Mahua, blood orange puree, grapefruit & lime.


The New Pickleback

Mahua, pickle brine, pickled cucumber & lime.